About Billund Libray

Billund Library is the library in the Capital of Children.

Billund Municipality and LEGO Foundation have a shared vision of making Billund a national and international meeting place, where children learn through play and evolve into creative world citizens. In the future The
Capital of Children will extend beyond the municipal border and create results, projects and knowledge that children will benefit from, regionally, nationally and internationally.

The idea behind the modernization of Billund Library is consistent with this vision. The project began in 2013, when the library took part in The Ministry of Culture’s model program for future public libraries. Through workshops with cooperating partners and citizens, we have created an ultra-modern library that supports the vision of the Capital of Children.

A visit to Billund Library is a travel through a colorful landscape, where the children can climb the shelves, explore the island, absorb in the desert, hang out in the ocean and find inspiration in the mountains and on the plains. The termite tower’s smooth shape stands tall as a landmark in the middle of the desert and offers an internal cave with room for play and reading of stories. The trip offers rich opportunity to go exploring and finding new knowledge in surprising ways. We welcome you to a library, which likes you will not see elsewhere.

Billund Library is a cultural meeting place where the activities and
experiences will strengthen the user’s opportunity for self-realization. In the Library’s beautiful space, there is room for absorption and casual meetings in surroundings with a view to art and outdoor garden areas. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and read the latest magazines and of course, you have access to our diverse and topical library items. We want everyone to feel at home at the new Billund Library.


The creative makerspace is the library’s experimental area, where
children and adults on all levels can unfold their creativity, find new things to do and try out different hobbies. Here you can learn and be inspired from each other and you have the opportunity to sign up for creative mini courses, sequences and lectures. The library provides different appliances, hobby articles and machines to Wuse by both children and adults.

The Billund Library also offers Citizen Service Citizen Service is your entrance to the public Danish authorities. Today many public services are digital self-service solutions. This means that you can handle many of your inquiries on the computer. At Billund Library, you can also receive help and guidance. If we do not have the answer, we will lead you in the right direction to the right authorities.

Open Library

The Library is a self-service library, which you have access to most of the time. The staff is ready to help and guide you in the staffed opening hours and in the self-service hours; you have the opportunity to borrow and return items and at the same time explore the library’s offers.

See you at Billund Library
Here everyone is welcome!